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The Word Sindh In Indian National Anthem..!!!!!

India During Mahabhata Times
why arent sindhis protestesting against deletion of SINDH word from national anthem of India ...?????
I think Sindh was a integral part of Bharat before 1947....!!!
After Partiton Sindhi Hindus came too India for settlement and we a have contributed lot to our motherland India ...!!
Sindhu is one of Holy rivers of India mentioned in Rigveda and also in Vishnu puran....!!!
Sindh gets its name from Sindhu , and our motherland India gets its name from sindhu too Sindhu known to Greeks as "Indus" and too arabs as "Hindus" thus we get our name Hindustan...!!Even our religion knw as hinduism gets its name from Holy sindhu...!!
it is said that the first Aryan settlers in India stayed on River bank Of Indus(sindhu) and mohen-jo-daro,lothal,dholivara was there first settlement spot...!!
there is mention of Sindhu desh in mahabharata too,and sindh was one of most developed states of that time having a major port known as karachi...!!
resarch shows that indus valley people spoke in sanskrit and then in prakrit than modifeied it to sindhi so how sindhi is outside India language actually itz a daughter of Sanskrit and it is known as Indo - Aryan language...!

"Aaasindo Sindhu Paryantham Yasyabharatha Bhoomikah
Mathrubhuh Pithrubhoochaiva sah Vai Hindurithismrithaah
Another verse reads as:
Sapta sindhu muthal Sindhu maha samudhram vareyulla Bharatha bhoomi aarkkellamaano Mathru bhoomiyum Pithru bhoomiyumayittullathu, avaraanu hindukkalaayi ariyappedunnathu.
Akhand Bharat
Both of these verses more or less indicate that whoever considers the land of Bharatha Bhoomi between Sapta Sindu and the Indian Ocean as his or her motherland and fatherland is known as Hindu. However, here we also have the real and ancient name of India mentioned, which is Bharata Bhoomi. “Bhoomi” (or Bhumi) means Mother Earth, but Bharata is the land of Bharata or Bharata-varsha, which is the land of India. In numerous Vedic references in the Puranas, Mahabharata and other Vedic texts, the area of India is referred to as Bharata-varsha or the land of Bharata and not as Hindustan. The name Bharata-varsha certainly helps capture the roots and glorious past of the country and its people.

The name India may refer to either the region of Greater India (the Indian subcontinent), or to the contemporary Republic of India contained therein. The term is derived from the name of the Sindhu or Indus River and has been in use in Greek since the time of Herodotus (5th century BC), via Old Persian transmission. The term appears in Old English in the 9th century, and again in Modern English since the 17th century.

The English term is from Greek Ἰνδία (Indía), via Latin IndiaIndía in Byzantine (Koine Greek) ethnography denotes the region beyond the Indus (Ἰνδός) river, since Herodotus (5th century BC) ἡ Ἰνδική χώρηhē Indikē chōrē; "Indian land", ἸνδόςIndos, "an Indian", from Old Persian Hinduš (referring to what is now known as Sindh, and listed as a conquered territory by Darius I in the Persepolis terrace inscription). The name is derived ultimately from Sindhu, the Sanskrit name of the river, but also meaning "river" generically. Latin India is used by Lucian (2nd century).

The name Hind is derived from the Iranian equivalent of Indo-Aryan Sindh. The Avestan -stān means country or land (cognate to Sanskritsthāna "place, land").

印度 (pronounced Yin du) is the Chinese word for India. It sounds similar to Hindu and Sindhu.
-Underlined Part Was Taken from Wikipedia And Other Sites

And about Sindhi people in India

India during Chandragupta Mouryas Rule

"Sindhis as true Indian contribute 24% of Total Income Tax, 62% of Total Charity Fund, 20% Of GDP of India.
Have more than 50 thousand temple / Community Buildings in India .
46% of Share Brokers are Sindhi, Important and Solid Financers of Bollywood are Sindhi, Most of Leading company owners are Sindhi.
Sindhis have achieved this with population of little over 1% of total population of India."

 Reference Taken From-

We ARE Contributing Equally To our motherland India ...!! than y Taking the Word Sindh From the national anthem of motherly India ....!! We are Not Asking India to Claim Sindh but We Sindhi Hindus Claim our Culture to India ...!! Hence Sindh Should Be There in Indian National Anthem As it Shows Respect to Minority...!!
With Due Respect Too Our National Anthem We Should Always Retain the original version of it as written by SIR Rabindranath Tagore. By changing it ,it will not have its original flavour...!!

With due respect if incase govermnt wants to delete SINDH word from national anthem . they should also replace words like PUNJAB and BENGAL to East Punjab and West Bengal or vibhajit punjab and vibhajit bengal ...!! pls correct full national anthem to remaove the word sindh ...!!

- Pankaj G Chugh
  Jai Jhulelal...!!!


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